Virtual Sun Grow Tent Review

Fulfill your desires with the Virtual Sun Grow Tent

Overview of the Virtual Sun Grow Tent

413qwr0GGuLAre you an enthusiastic gardener who wants to grow plants not only in your backyard but also within your house? Well then, you need something that will help you to preserve and grow your plants indoors by building the exact environment for your plants. The Virtual Sun Grow Tent is just the thing that you need. With this, you will be able to fulfill your desire of growing lovely plants within the house.


Features of the Virtual Sun Grow Tent

This grow tent features exterior made %100 rip proof oxford material. The Interior lining included offers Mylar that is waterproof and reflective for lights to give your plants the needed lighting it deserves for maximized yields! The Frame is made from metal,  is also power coated. This grow tent has a removable floor plan equipped for any water spillage or leaks. Theirs large in built doors that can be used for arranging the plants and the lighting system when needed. In built  durable zippers are provided for easy use. The grow tent also includes detachable roof cross unit for easy accessibility. Theirs 3 lower ventilation and 2 diametrical ventilation units for ideal circulation. This grow tent offers a lot for growers period!


The Virtual Sun Grow Tent has been quite in demand since its launch and that is because of its great features thavirtualt help anyone willing to grow plants indoors. The positive features are endless with this grow tent as the exterior is made of materials that can offer a great performance for a long time. The Mylar interior lining is reflective and water-proof ensuring that the growth environment developed inside is not disturbed at all. The frame is well built and provides a sturdy support. The instruction manual provided with the item is comprehensive and can be easily followed. The large doors and zipper-ups make it quite convenient to manage the plants inside and supervise the lighting system as well. The removable roof units and the flexible ventilation slots help to provide an ideal environment for plant growth. With its easy to use features, this tent has gained popularity as a basic level tent that can be used to grow hydroponics indoors quite easily and securely. With complete control of the environment inside the tent, you will be able to grow healthier seedlings. The components that are used in product belong to the best in the industry and as such, ensure that the product can be used for a fairly long time without wear and tear.  The quality of the materials and the accessories guarantee that there is almost no leakage of light. The inbuilt moisture tray will make sure that the water doesn’t spill on the floor.


The Virtual Sun Grow Tent is really a great item and there are practically a very few cons as stated. The roof bars are a bit weak but performs well. Although the product has multiple ducting vents yet it would do well if there were better numbers to allow in more air.


Final thoughts

The Virtual Sun Grow Tent is a great buy for such an affordable price. The overall performance is really good and you can buy this product without hesitation. A real steal for any plant lover!

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