Sun Blaze 6500K Lamps and Wire Hanger Fluorescent Grow Tent Light Fixture Review

Sun Blaze 6500K Lamps and Wire Hanger Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture

This Fluorescent Grow Tent Light Fixtu31zND3R7WxLre is the #1 best seller when it comes to any 8-tube light fixture on the market for growers! When purchasing a light fixture like this, expect a powerful brightness to appear to your plants like heaven is awaiting for them come time to harvest. Are you still looking for a 8-tube fluorescent grow tent light fixture? If so you might want to enjoy the positive opinions we give every grower about this light fixture. The quality on this fluorescent light fixture is amazing and just makes us appreciate how far technology has come when providing us growers with something to help produce the results we all need! Read along as we tell you why we highly recommend this product.


Features Of Sun Blaze 6500K Lamps and Wire Hanger Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture

This fluorescent grow tent light fixture includes a 12 foot power cord with an on/off switch that allows for easy operation. The power cord equipped is 12 ft long.The high output lamps have an extremely high lumen per watt rating. This fluorescent grow tent light runs on 120 volt power only. The daisy-chain feature allows multiple fixtures to be plugged in together, and the eight lamp model features two on/off switches to run four lamps at a time if desired.



To summarize the pros of this light, everything is perfect about it and we recommend this fluorescent grow tent light fixture if your still on the hunt! One buyer stated “Came on time , packaged very well ,it is as it was described good price was able to track from start to finish ,it was important to be there when delivered.. Will order from again”, another buyer said “The build quality is very nice, the lamps are good quality and the electric cord is very long. I have been using them for about a month now with no problems at all.” This light fixture is a must buy, trust us you won’t regret the decision.


Just like any other top fluorescent grow tent light fixture they produce a steady amount of heat(not so much that it raises the bill as much as you would think) so beware. Honestly the one thing I do wish was included in this product is more bulbs to change when needed other than that many growers are content and very happy with the quality of this fluorescent light fixture.

Final Thoughts

Just buy it, you won’t regret it. There’s been a few growers I know personally that use this light, because of the quality it has to offer for such a cheap price if you think about it. If your looking for the best 8-tube fluorescent grow tent light this or either Hydrofarm’s T5 Designer 8 Tube Fixture w/Bulbs will satisfy your needs so don’t look any further, just get on with growing!

Happy Growing!

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