MarsLG Small Grow Tent

 MarsLG Small Grow Tent Overview

marslggIf you are looking for a small grow tent that will satisfy you and help you fulfill your desire to grow indoor plans easily, then the MarsLG Grow Tent is the ideal item that you can find in the market to fulfill your passion. Although several grow tents are available from various brands yet this one will be a perfect fit for anyone willing to carry out their hobby without blowing a hole in the pocket.


 MarsLG Small Grow Tent Features 

This small grow tent features easy accessibility into and out the tent as well as ventilation windows for circulation of fresh air throughout the tent! Like many of the other top 5 small grow tents this tent has a water resistance, removable floor tray for when spillage occurs. The duct holes equipped with this small grow tent are perfect for venting and prevent any extra money being thrown in for any modifications you would need when growing in a box, pc, etc. The silvered colored Mylar is a plus as it reflects lighting to your plants for the best yield possible! This grow tent also provides a built in zipper and a polyester canvas for the exterior, trust me you won’t be disappointed hen growing in this tent.


The MarsLG SmallGrow Tent is a great item that can be used by any passionate indoor plant growers. Its unbelievable features make it a must have for all enthusiastic hydroponics growers. I like that the assembly of the tent is quite easy an can be done without the use of any tool, the instruction manual provided is quite comprehensive and can guide anyone very easily. The price of this small grow tent is ideal for any grower looking for a cheap tent to grow in, you would pay much more when buying else where. The floor tray is water resistant and easily removable so as to prevent water spillage. The Mylar lining is completely non toxic and highly reflective making the grow tent an ideal item for plant growth and maximized yields! The grow tents polyester canvas that makes up the outer shell is tough and in black color to ensure least the passage of light. The double doors that are offered in this product are quite useful in properly arranging the plants and other accessories inside. The Velcro that is added to the sides of this small grow tent make it easier to access and also blocks out any sunlight that could pass through. The Mylar lining and polyester exterior together can reflect more than double the amount of light than other products in the same price range. The side panels that are fitted at the base level can easily allow the entry of fresh air and eliminate any sorts of buildup of it. This small grow tent provides quite a spacious place for growth of plants


Although the MarsLG Small Grow Tent is a great item for buying yet it has a few negative points that should be included in this review. The flap that comes with the vent is provided on the interior side while being on the exterior it could block out the light. The zippers that are provided with the tent are not of very good quality and get stuck in the middle. Lastly the 90° bent of the duct vent is not quite ideal for any grower!


Final thoughts

Even though there may be a few negative points associated with the MarsLG Small Grow Tent yet these may be easily overlooked one considers the great features and more than reasonable price of the product. It’s a must buy for everyone and is surely recommended.

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