Lighthouse Hydro Small Grow Tent

Lighthouse Hydro Small Grow Tent Overview

lighthouse hydroThe Lighthouse Hydro Small Grow Tent is one of those grow tents that make a perfect closet clone room for any grower. The Adjustable light hangers allow you to hang lights and other equipment from just about anywhere. It’s a Great tent for almost any type of light to be equipped with . Two 6″ ports at the top of the tent have double-sided socks and drawstrings which allow you to use 4″ or 6″ duct work for your fans and filters. Two 4″ ports at the bottom of the tent (double-sided socks and drawstrings) allow for electrical access and tubing. The Waterproof spill floor allows for easy cleanup of spills and leaks and this grow tent will provide a good growing environment for all growers.


Features of the Lighthouse Hydro Small Grow Tent

This small grow tent is shipped in discreet packaging, there is nothing on the package that would make you think this is a piece of grow equipment.The tent is a very high quality material made tent and won’t disappoint you. The velcro areas that cover the unused vents for 100% light sealing. Many ducting holes are included, pockets, and doors which is a big bonus for growers! It’s very light proof made, all the zippers are overlapped and provide years of usage. Tight fit and solid steel rails so there is no risk breaking any plastic clips, many other tents have had reviews where plastic clips broke, but this one has solid steel light rail holders.lighthouse


This small grow tent is very durable all around just be gentle with the zippers. The tent wasn’t to difficult when installing. The interior is pretty cool and does an excellent job of reflecting light everywhere. I like the fan and cable ports at top and bottom with the drawstring closures inside and out.


This tent is perfect for it’s price, the con I have with this tent is the only chance that light could leak is the flaps near the bottom that let fresh air in but every tent I’ve seen uses this. Some growers have complained about light leaks, but it’s not something some good ole reflective duct tape will fix!


Final thoughts

Good small grow tent for the money hands down!! Anybody looking for a cheap small grow tent, surely won’t be disappointed with this purchase and will have more than enough space to have an successful yield.

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