Hydrofarm’s T5 Designer 8 Tube Grow Tent Light Fixture w/Bulbs Review

Hydrofarm’s T5 Designer 8 Tube Grow Tent Light Fixture

61mK2chLPeL._SL1500_Hydrofarm’s Fluorescent 8-tube grow tent light is about one of the best light fixtures on the market. Hydrofarm’s 8-tube fluorescent grow tent light combines German specular aluminum with energy-efficient/high-output T5 bulbs and put’s out double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems. This grow tent light fixture delivers performance, flexibility, and high lumen output in any growing environment. The equipped daisy-chainable systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your growing environments needs. This light fixture is a MUST buy for any growers out there looking for a quality 8-tube grow tent light fixture to maximize yield results tremendously!


Features Of Hydrofarm’s T5 Designer 8 Tube Grow Tent Light Fixture

This fluorescent grow tent light fixture provides growers with versatile way of growing with two on/off switches that control the amount of lights used.  One switch turns off/on the outer bulbs and the other switch controls the 4 inner bulbs. The equipped daisy-chain is an essential addition any grow tent light fixture should have period. This light fixture includes a 10 ft grounded power cord for easy accessibility, and also comes with T5 tubes that produces 54 watts for each bulb(6500k). Hydrofarms Fluorescent Grow Tent Light also has dimensions of 46.2 x 24 x 2.4 inches and  7 pounds



We here at MicroGrowCentral are really big fan’s of this fluorescent grow tent light, it produces enough lighti71ZAsASgRCL._SL1500_ng for plants to grow for greatness. When considering to buy a light fixture or not a lot of things come to mind, how many bulbs should a fixture have? what’s the wattage of each bulb, etc. When purchasing this light fixture many of growers were astounded with the quality Hydrofarm’s grow tent lights provides growers with, for such a minimal price, really $200 dollars is cheap considering the other really well made fluorescent grow tent light fixtures out there! heres a another buyers opinion on this light fixture “This light is awesome. I use it for the Veg cycle of my Marijuana plants. Their lush green. I recommend this 100% for weed in veg. Much cheaper power bill too!”. If your looking for a 8-tube light fixture don’t look too far because you might be looking right at your future producer with this fluorescent 8-tube grow tent light fixture.


With the many positives just stated I want to go over a few aggravating points buyers experienced when purchasing this fluorescent light fixture. Keep your light at least 4 ft away from your plants or seedlings. If your an experienced grower you would know this already but some buyers seem to not process the fact lights produce heat when on for an extended amount of time. Is that it with the negatives(sorta)??? YES growers don’t really experience any negatives with this light fixture, which is why this light is the 2nd most recommended for you.

Final Thoughts

Hydrofarm’s fluorescent Designer 8 Tube Grow Tent Light Fixture is at the top of the food chain when it comes to some of the best quality light fixtures available for growers to take advantage of, for not a too hefty of a fee. This fluorescent grow tent light fixture is a must buy, trust us it won’t let you down!

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