Fluorescent Grow Tent Lights

Fluorescent Grow Tent Lights

5. EnviroGro 4-Ft, 4-Tube Fixture, w/T5 Bulbs 



Hydrofarms 4-Ft, 4-Tube Fixture offers a quality grow tent light for any grower looking for a flexible system with configurations to meet your plants environment design. This Fluorescent Grow Light is equipped with energy-efficient /high-output T5 bulbs and put out double the light energy of any normal fluorescent systems available! Learn More…..

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– includes 4 fluorescent 6400K, T5 tubes

– Can hang vertically or horizontally

– Top notch quality

– 10ft grounded power cord

4. DuroLux T5 Fluorescent Grow Light (4ft 8lamps) 



The DuroLux 4 ft 8-lamp fluorescent grow tent light gives growers options, you can plug in and go with this beautiful light. It’s Perfect for indoor gardens, green houses, grow tents, almost anywhere really. Buying multiple fixtures allow growers to be able to connect them together with daisy chaining. This fluorescent grow light is 30% less weight than any another brand products enables growers an easy installation! Learn More….

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– Same size as a 4ft x 4lamp light with double the bulbs

– 40,000 lumens – light output – powerful grow system

– 1 year warranty

– Dimensions: 48 x 5 x 13 inches ; 13 pounds

3. EnviroGro 4-Ft, 8-Tube Fixture w/T5 Bulbs



Hydrofarms 4-ft, 8-Tube Fixture gives growers the perfect light for tremendous flowering results! This Fluorescent grow light operates at 432 watts drawing 3.6 amps on a 120v circuit only. The startup surge is miniscule if any at all. This fluorescent grow light introduces the word quality when it comes to grow lights on the market and won’t disappoint you at all! Learn More….

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– Equipped on/off dual switches

– Hangs 3 different ways, overhead, vertical, or horizontal

– 10 ft power cord

– Dimensions: 49.5 x 34 x 6.5 inches

2. Hydrofarm’s T5 Designer 8 Tube Fixture w/Bulbs



Hydrofarm’s Fluorescent T5 Designer Grow Light Fixture is a grow tent light that is very flexible and adds quality performance for plants to succeed in length! This Fluorescent Grow Light has exceptional configuration options as it is equipped with two switches that control the fixtures bulbs. The light is sturdy and hydrofarm provides buyers with great customer service. Lean More….

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– Includes 120V 10ft grounded power cord

–  Dimensions: 46.2 x 24 x 2.4 inches ; 7 pounds

– May be daisy-chained together

– 432 total watts

1. Sun Blaze 6500K Lamps and Wire Hanger Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture



Sun Blazes Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture includes a FREE pre-installed 6500i k lamps. This grow light includes a wire hanger with every fixture. I’s equipped with a long 12 ft power on/off switch cord that allows growers accessibility for easy operation. The Daisy chain feature allows multiple fixtures to be plugged in together. Eight lamp model features two on/off switches that can run a half of four lamps on and four off if needed also. Read More….

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– 8 lamps, 6400k 54w bulbs

– Wire hangers allow light to hang vertically or horizontally

– 4 ft long panel

– Blue T5

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