EnviroGro 4-Ft, 4-Tube Grow Tent Light Fixture, w/T5 Bulbs Review

Grow Effectively With EnviroGro’s Grow Tent Light Fixture

EnviroGro 4-Ft, 4-Tube Fixture, w/T5 Bulbs Overview

61AeW2OLoXL._SL1500_Looking for a cheap and effective fluorescent grow tent light??? Look no further as the EnviroGro will definitely fulfill your needs. This grow tent light has a German made specular aluminum layer which provides durable, sturdy material that will protect your growing environment from any fire hazards. The build of this grow tent light is top-notch quality with bright lumen output rated up to about 4000 that will maximize your yields tremendously! This grow tent light is a top seller because of It’s ability to add versatility to your grow environment as it can hang vertically, horizontally etc. This review will give you all the info on what we think about this product as well as other customer inputs also. If your looking for an good fluorescent grow tent light this one might be for you!


Features Of The EnviroGro 4-Ft, 4-Tube Grow Tent Light Fixture, w/T5 Bulbs

This Grow Tent Light has some of the best features any grow light can offer. The EnviroGro includes a 120V 10ft grounded power cord for easy accessibility and is known for the quality it provides! This grow tent light fixture allows growers to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your growing environments design. Powder coated steel housing 5 year warranty Low profile Hangs 3 ways – overhead, vertical, or horizontal 10′ grounded the EnviroGro Includes fluorescent 6400K tubes 4-lamp 3″H x 13½”W x 46″L Rated up to 18,800 lumens for an effective lighting source for your plants to flourish in growth.



Ok when it comes to this grow tent light the positive reviews given on this light are way more t61+-FmP3uBL._SL1289_han the negatives! One buyer stated “Everything was intact and worked perfectly out the box”, another said “This unit really works. The packaging and delivery was also superb. Good job amazon.” EnviroGro Does a great job with the packaging and if any thing comes broken you will have no problem getting a replaced light etc. I like how the light offers three different ways to hang, which is a positive for many growers. Overall it’s honestly a solid fixture that’s easy to hang and has nice mirrored backing for the tubes, the light output is excellent to say the least and is pretty reliable.


Now for the negatives…Some buyers complain that when receiving their light that some tubes either come broken or missing. Even though that is a problem for many, Amazon does a good job with replacing the tubes and provide excellent customer service. Another thing that is not a fan favorite with this grow tent light is the brightness it provides, but hey isn’t that a good thing for your plants? Theres not really many negatives about this fuxture and I don’t see a reason not to purchase if your looking for a cheap effective grow tent light!

Final Thoughts

Overall EnvroGro offers great fixtures for growing plants indoors. These T5 fixtures are well made, easy to install, have long cords to reach the electrical sources, have very good reflectors to direct the light evenly over the plant growing area beneath the fixture. I definently highly recommend them if your looking for some quality grow tent lights.

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