DuroLux T5 Fluorescent Grow Tent Light (4ft 8lamps) Review

DuroLux T5 Fluorescent Grow Tent Light (4ft 8lamps) 

71I3infOD7L._SL1500_The DuroLux Grow Tent Light is yet another quality made fluorescent grow light that is a steal for it’s listed price, so take advantage as this light provides bright lighting with about 40,000 lumens of  light output. This grow tent light is perfect for growing indoors as it is equipped with 95% Reflective German hammertone reflectors, which is 30% more light than most comparable light systems available right now! If you buy multiple fixtures, you will be able to connect them together with the included daisy chaining. In this grow tent light review we will answer almost any questions you had before pulling the plug on which fluorescent light is a perfect purchase for you. This light is well worth every penny and MUCH cheaper than other T5 8 bulb lights so look no further.


Features Of The DuroLux T5 Fluorescent Grow Tent Light (4ft 8lamps) 

This Fluorescent Grow Tent Light includes a 4ft 8-lamp T5 light-weight grow light fixture, 6,500 kelvin white grow lamps by default, (You can request 3000k bloom bulbs by messaging seller after payment also), 8-foot power cable – which is good for daisy chaining, mounting chain and has hooks included. This grow tent light is a UL-approved ballast with an effective lighting source for your plants to strive in healthiness, and growth!



This is a very good fluorescent grow tent light for the price. Lights are the narrow T5 tubes – included with the lamp716fGlZfulL._SL1500_. Has a chain and two hangers with it as well as the lights. This grow light is about 70.00 cheaper than the next brand of 8 bulb 48″ light which is why this item is highly recommended for growers looking to save a few extra bucks. People seem to really love this grow tent light as one person stated “These fixtures are the best ! very well made and the price is outstanding fast delivery and very well packaged arrived no damage amazing service and work well in my garage output is amazing and cost is much cheaper to run ! Will be purchasing more !!!” When it comes to saving some money for an effective light the DuroLux t5 Fluorescent grow tent light is a option for many growers to look into buying.


When using this grow tent light beware of the end with the switch and daisy chain outlet there are some exposed electrical terminals from the switch and the built in outlet inside. You need to make sure you do not touch the hanger to the terminals as it will cause bad things to happen. Also the t5 bulbs are quality made the construction is pretty cheap but don’t let that fool you this fluorescent grow tent light works great for plants!

Final Thoughts

Honestly if you can spend an extra hundred buy another fluorescent grow tent light, I would only purchase this light if your looking to not spend a lot of money but want a reliable grow tent light. This light provides great lighting for your plants don’t get me wrong but if you like to change growing environments constantly than this fluorescent light might not be for you.

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