Diy Grow Tent

When building your very own grow tent it can be a cheap and useful way to grow for anybody willing to get their hands a little dirty. The supplies needed to create a diy grow tent will run you about $50 all together excluding lights, filters, fans etc.

Supplies Needed For Diy Grow Tent

Okay when building your grow tent you will need:

1. Panda Film



The panda film is basically your tent! The film’s white side is over 90% reflective for use on the walls and floor of your growing area to reflect light back to plants. The black side is the outside that provides a light resistant partition. It’s waterproof and tear resistant which makes it very durable for diy grow tent. You can use as is or cut to size. The panda Sheet measures 10-feet by 10-feet.


2. Gorilla Tape



You ever heard the saying ” It ain’t nothing gorilla tape won’t fix” well, when putting anything together with your hands, gorilla tape is useful for just about any diy projects. If you have any unwanted holes to cover up or just need to create a stable diy grow tent, gorilla tape is needed!

3. Strip Magnets


strip magnet

 The strip magnets are useful for keeping your diy grow tent 100% sealed up with no light leaks!

4. PVC Pipe

Price: Depends on length & quantity 

pvc pipe

The pvc pipe is what keeps your grow tent together. Whatever size you want your diy grow tent to be depends on the lengths of pvc pipes you purchase.

5. PVC T Pipe Coupling 

Price: depends on type & quantity 

pvc pip

The Pvc coupling pipes are used to connect the pvc pipe bars together to add stability and sturdiness to your diy grow tent. Most of the pipes come in 10 packs so that should provide you with more than enough pipes to construct your grow tent together!

Instructional Diy Grow Tent Video

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