Best Choice Products® Cheap Grow Tent

 Best Choice Products® Cheap Grow Tent Overview

best choiceBest Choice Products Cheap Grow Tents give growers the ultimate tent growing environments needed when attempting to grow and will provide some of the best quality, and sturdy material any tent out there has to offer. This cheap grow tent may be cheap but “cheap” is just a number! This cheap grow tent provides large doors which makes moving plants and setting up lights easy for any grower. The easy construction makes it a breeze for growers, and the tallness with small width makes it easy to grow almost anywhere in a home.


Best Choice Products® Tent Features

This cheap grow tent features 100% highly reflective interior with waterproof Mylar. It has highly reflective non-toxic waterproof plastic as well as a Removable Waterproof plastic floor tray. This cheap grow tent features built-in heavy-duty zippers and Velcro for easy accessibility. The tent is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. It has multiple air ventilation vents(5) for 3in or 6in filter fan output. Equipped side pockets for storing PH meters. Metal rails for lighting equipment, and Strong powder-coated framework with flexible plastic connectors! The Light-proof material prevents light from entering or exiting for controlled light cycles. The Removable roof makes it easy to adjust lighting and accessories when needed and is an ideal cheap grow tent for all growers!

The Prosbest choice2

The smallness this cheap grow tent has when you receive it is amazing. This grow tent is perfect for small time growers who only need to grow a few plants at a time. The 5 air vents give your grow tent great air circulation options when growing and will provide the right grow environment for all of your plants to succeed in growing and produce maximized yields!

The Cons

If your looking for a bigger cheap grow tent then this tent may not be for you. This tents zipper can rip off easily but can also be easily applied back on to the tent, whenever this problem occurs. The positives outweigh the negatives tremendously on this tent, giving all growers multiple reasons to purchase this cheap grow tent right now!


Final Thoughts

This is a no-brainer when purchasing a cheap and small width grow tent. This cheap grow tent will give you the ideal environment and will give you great yield results with such little space. If your looking for a cheap tent to grow a few plants in then look no further!

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