Cheap Grow Tents For Sale

Save Some Money With The Best Cheap Grow Tents

Grow tents can get pricey, so we’ve provided a list of cheap grow tents for all growers to take a look at if your looking to save an extra few bucks! When your buying anything cheaper, your usually getting a non-durable, bad-quality made product that will break, rip, or tear in weeks! So when it comes to cheap grow tents here are the tents that are as good as the expensive ones on the market that will give you efficient grow environments, and maximized yield results.

5. MarsLG Cheap Grow Tent



The MarsLg grow tent allows all growers to take total control of your plant’s environment all year round with this jumble, free-standing grow tent. This tent is small yet very effective and will provide the needed environment for you to have a maximized yield!



– Easy, tool-free installation

–  Removable mylar waterproof floor pan

– Dimension of 32(L) x 32(W) x 63(H)

– Ventilation windows w/ sturdy frame structure


4. Apollo Horticulture Cheap Grow Tent



Apollo is usually known for the best digital ballast and grow lights on the market and now, they make some of the best grow tents! They offer very spacious tents for your growing needs and won’t let you down when it comes to everything that has to do with indoor grow tent cultivation.



– Includes removable waterproof floor pan

– Dimension of 32(L) x 32(W) x 63(H)

– Heavy duty zippers & double stitching for light protection

– interior material is 100% Highly reflective non-toxic Mylar.

3. Best Choice Products® Cheap Grow Tent


best choice

Best Choice products supply a steady amount of quality cheap grow tents for all growers out there! This cheap grow tent helps growers achieve the best yield results when it comes to growing in a tent. This cheap grow tent is very easy to assemble and will take no time in getting setup. It includes everything any other grow tent would offer on the market…it’s just cheaper!



– Large door for easy accessibility

–  Multiple vents

–  Dimension of 32(L) x 32(W) x 63(H)

– Includes removable waterproof floor pan

2.  Aviditi Cheap Grow Tent



  The Aviditi grow tent is by far the cheapest high quality tent one can purchase. There  are absolutely NO light leaks if you properly run all of your equipment. This cheap  grow tent has ports for intake ( towards the bottom ) and exhaust ( at the top ). The  Mylar is highly reflective and the three crossbars at the top have metal ends for high  support durability.



– Includes removable waterproof floor pan

– Tightly stitched seams to prevent light leakage and ensure strength.

– Dimension of 48(L) x 24(W) x 60(H)

1. MILLIARD Cheap Grow Tent 


s milliarrd

The Milliard Grow Tent is perfect for cultivating plants as it supplies a sturdy, and durable tent for your needs and future grows! This cheap grow tent is designed with an interior layer of reflective lining for maximized lighting and heat control to ensure an optimal growing environment.



– Reflective interior lining

– Sturdy metal frame w/ support bars for hanging lights

– Includes removable waterproof floor pan

– Dimension of 30(L) x 18(W) x 36(H)

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