Aviditi Cheap Grow Tent

Overview of the Aviditi Cheap Grow Tent

adviThe Aviditi grow tent is a steal in price when it comes to cheap grow tents on the market that offer quality growing environments. This cheap grow tent is very well constructed with a sturdy frame, great durable zippers and reflective Mylar for effective lighting! The fast installation will have you up and growing in no time, and when you need to relocate your grow tent this tent offers a quick way to take the tent down fast and easy with no problems.



Aviditi Cheap Grow Tent Features

This cheap grow tent features constructed heavy-duty cloth tent material for a reliable tent to grow in for years. The grow tents floor tray has a protective support barrier for pots and racking. The floor tray is also removable for when any spillage or leaks occur when growing.  The tent includes 4 duct vents for ideal air circulation throughout the grow tent. The Aviditi tent is a perfect cheap grow tent for all growers, it’s sturdiness and durability with metal locking corners for secure connections and strength are all the reasons this grow tent is a must purchase when looking for a cheap grow tent!

The Prosadvi4

There are many positives about this grow tent. This tent is a really cheap grow tent with quality and features of some of the top grow tents out there that can cost a arm and a leg. The floor tray is perfect for growing environments, it’s quick and easy to clean. I like that the grow tent offers easy accessibility for growers to get in and out of, this cheap grow tent can fit in small spaces like walk-in closets and is easy to remove and install. Personally if your a beginner grower or looking for a cheap grow tent then look no further!

The Cons

Not many negatives I can say, This tent is very durable but not extremely durable as growers might think. Careless growers have a habit of breaking or getting the zipper off track when closing/opening the grow tent, so try to be careful when making use of the zipper. Other than that grow on!


Final Thoughts

This tent is a steal and if your looking for a quick cheap grow tent to purchase. Personally it was one of my first tents and gave me good years of constant yields and durability. I later gave it to a friend who still puts use to it constantly, so with that being said it’s not a hard decision when thinking about purchasing this cheap grow tent. I would definitely recommend this to any serious grower out there!

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