Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent

Convenient plant growing with the Apollo Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

Overview of the Apollo Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

81onFkz9wOL._SL1500_Are you looking for a grow tent that offers you the maximum durability and performance and yet is completely within your budget? Well then, you don’t need to search for it any more as the Apollo Grow Tent here to fulfill all your requirements. This is a heavy duty grow tent that can be used over the years for growing plants indoors. Let us take a look at its salient features in this review and why it is recommended.


Features of the Apollo Grow Tent

This grow tent features 1 Mylar removable floor tray for any spillage or leaks. The Mylar is reflective and 100% tear proof. The zippers are of great quality and are built-in to add ease when opening and closing your grow tent! I like the double stitching, which ensures light protection for all your grows. The frame consists of sturdy metal poles as well as the quality this grow tent offers with the fabric of the material, which is quite thick and the stitching makes it convenient. Tool free installation and not too difficult to assemble for most! This grow tent comes with 1 year warranty on the product also which is great for any product purchased.


The following facilities make the item a must buy for any indoor plant grower as the warranty on the prapollo2oduct makes it a great time for long use. The instruction manual appropriately guides the user to set up the tent and the
tool free installation makes it easy for the user. The price of the grow tent is quite reasonable for the services it provides. The room for the plants inside the grow tent is quite big and offers enormous dimensions. The sturdy frame composed of metal poles makes sure that the Apollo Grow Tent can be used conveniently for years to come without any need for major repairing. The material of the product is made up of thread that is of good quality and the double stitching makes in all the more durable. The thickness of the material also ensures that no extra light is able to pass through offering an ideal environment for plant growing within the building. The metal zippers that are provided with the grow tent helps the grower to access the plants and the accessories easily for better maintenance. The zippers also ensure that the structure of the tent is maintained properly. The Mylar coating ensures that the grow tent becomes 100% light proof for better growth of plants. Use of Velcro tabs at the bottom ensures that the floor dish is held securely in place guaranteeing against leakage of water.


The product is a great one from all aspects and as such, one can hardly mention any cons for the Apollo Grow Tent. The only negative I could possibly state is the installation of the grow tent can take time for some growers!


Final thoughts

The product makes a great buy at a very reasonable price and can be used by all types of plant growers without any hesitation. The reliability and the impeccable make of the Apollo Grow Tent ensures that one can grow indoor plants conveniently and without much hassles or a great pocket pinch. It’s definitely recommended to all who are looking for a nice grow tent with excellent features. Once you buy this product, you will not be required to ever search again for the same category of the item. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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